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About Us

 I have been raising shih-tzu since 1986 and have a multitude of references.
We strive to embody excellence, integrity, and honesty in everything we do and provide. We answer to the Lord Jesus Christ for our actions. We are not perfect, just forgiven, but our motives
is to please Christ.
  I am a former nurse and published author proclaiming my faith in the book  "Yellow Fields of Grace". 

My husband Joe is an ordained Christian minister who focuses on Hospice and is an auto electric expert.  We have been married since 1975 and had 6 children together and 16 grandchildren (so far).  We're located at beautiful Truman Lake area near Warsaw, Missouri in 2011 after building our dream cabin ourselves, which can be seen in detail on my Pinterest page (took us 6 years to finish).


We hope to be privileged to provide you with your next companion and trust me as your shih-tzu breeder! Along with our many references you may speak to our vets and groomer if you like.  
   I enjoy speaking to my customers and guiding you in an important decision if my
shih-tzu will suit your needs.  Our shih-tzu
"mold" to their master, so
I am sure one will "fit" your lifestyle if not left alone all day. They do well in pairs if they are home alone a lot. 

“At Glory Ridge we are dedicated to our Shih-Tzu
and our customers who love them since 1986.
I offer lifetime advice and guidance for all 
the puppies we produce and will take them
back at any time ." 
​​Karen DeAngelo

Our Home

 Glory Ridge is a Hobby-Show Registered Kennel with the State of Missouri.
This is outside and inside the building.
Our Kennel is heated and a/c 70 degrees year round. 
The dogs come in at out at will. We play with the dogs daily.
We do not allow visitors in order  to keep the infection rate down for infectious disease
We are a very small breeder. 

​Our puppy vet is Dr. Ken Mallard
Strafford Vet Clinic

The View from our home and kennel at sunset.

Our Mission Abroad
I personally know these people and have been there. Our daughter was a missionary in this town.
We have had a disabled child and know how it is to need relief from care.
Karen and Joe

I greet you from Graaff-Reinet, Eastern Cape, a small rural town (population 50,000), situated in the outback of South Africa known as the Karoo.
To raise on-going funding to enable the workshop to continue operating.
To raise funds to purchase specific machines that would enable the workshop to produce saleable items, the income from which will help it to become self-sustainable.
To provide training and work experience for the “3 E Graduates” exiting from the W4aL program. (Our recovery program for the Shelter requires the introduction of a limited number of able-bodied people.)

ACVV (Afrikaanse Christelike Vrou Vereeniging)  
 It is a national woman’s organization that for the last 30 years has owned and run an Old AgeHome and the Sheltered Workshop in Graaff-Reinet.  Both operations are financially stressed and it has been forced, in order to save the Old Aged Home, to close down the Sheltered Workshop (currently running at a loss of £400 or $500 per month).  Sell off the ground and buildings of the Sheltered Workshop for the sum of £30,000 or $37,500 and invest the money into the old age home.
KCC (Karoo Community Church)
KCC is a small New Testament church which meets in an old industrial building situated next door to the Sheltered Workshop. As one of its outreach programmes  it facilitates the running of the Work for a Living Programme (W4aL – Siya Sebenza)
      In February 2017 KCC made a decision to use all their saved funds (earmarked for building a church) to purchase the Sheltered Workshop, “lock, stock and barrel”  from the ACVV for £30,000 or $37,500) and take over the management of the Sheltered Workshop, with the objective of ensuring that there remains a shelter for the challenged in Graaff- Reinet. This would involve putting a programme in place to rehabilitate the management and running of the workshop with the aim of making it sustainable.
W4aL (Work for a Living program)
This is a structured two-week programme , facilitated by KCC, which endeavours to change the mind set of young unemployed people from one of hopelessness (”Someone else must help me”) to one of self-motivation (“I can, and will, help myself”). And in the process break the cycle of poverty.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwTV-1qc-iw  are a series of videos explaining the program/

It is a “workshop” which provides a meaningful daily workshop experience to 32 mentally or physically challenged individuals.  It is currently owned and run by the ACVV and overseen by a community board of directors.
      It began as a Social Welfare centre for addressing the needs of physically or mentally challenged people. Some ten years ago, because of shortage of funds, the ACVV decided to turn it into a sheltered workshop which enabled them to access a small government grant, (currently valued at R200 per person per month). To achieve this, the ACVV obtained second hand wood working machinery and sewing machines. However, the bulk of the articles produced can only be sold by using the “sympathy card”, because the quality is inconsistent.
      The program is run mornings only with two able supervisors/carers. The challenged workers are ferried daily to and from their homes by the supervisors. This gives the families of the recipients a much-needed respite from the caring of their loved ones.
     At work they are given breakfast and then take part in simple tasks in the manufacture of articles for sale, sanding and repainting of furniture, simple sewing, simple wooden articles, production of seedlings and trees. On a regular basis there is input by suitably qualified people to address the special needs of the people.
      The Workshop is supported by the community where townspeople are involved on an ad hoc basis in various ways ( e.g. helping with the tree nursery, helping with a woodwork project , donating material, etc.)

To avoid upsetting the existing cash flows and even continuation of this project, the decision was made that the project would continue to run as it is, despite the monthly loss. Items in the programme would only be changed after thorough investigation and costing.  Where  possible existing lines will be upgraded and new profitable lines would be introduced.
     Further, it is recognised that it is essential to introduce some able people to work alongside those who are challenged physically or mentally. We intend to use the graduates of the W4aL programme to achieve this.  The proposed recovery steps are as follows:
KCC to purchase the property and take over responsibility for the management and running of the workshop.  (Done: 1st April 2017)
Secure bridging finance to keep the workshop functioning until the recovery programme is complete. (Done: February 2017. Two members of KCC donated £3,000 or $3,700 each for this purpose)
Establish new interim board.  (Done: 20 March 2017.  New 6 member board with KCC holding the majority) Secure the existing government grant of £12 ($15) per person per month for the next 12 months. (Done20 March 2017)
Research and contact all existing and past donors. (In progress)
Establish interim 2-year budget in order to assess the viability of the programme. (Done: 20 March 2017. With the proposed changes sustained viability is possible.)
Appoint interim pro bona workshop overseer. (Done 20 March 2017, a lady member of KCC)
Appoint new pro bona financial manager and a treasurer to assess all existing financial systems and to introduce new financial systems and controls.  (Done: 20th March 2017.  A retired accountant and a retired engineer volunteered )
Appoint pro bona advocate to handle all legal applications and contracts. (Done: 20th March 2017)

Press Release  to advertise smooth take over ( done 4th April 2017)
Interview and assess the needs of every worker and their physical/mental ability.  (In progress)
Determine the past professional input given to the workers to ensure the continuity of the social input. (In progress)
Open new banking facilities. (Done: 4th April 2017)
Establish and register a new Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) with full tax relief and top BEE status in order to be able to issue certification to donors. (In progress completion expected end May 2017)
Evaluate all products made and sold to date, with the objective of keeping those which can be upgraded, are cost effective and saleable.  (In progress)
Introduce new sewing lines for training and production of quality saleable goods. (In progress. First orders of aprons already sold March 2017)
Source new sewing machines. (In progress. Two overhauled machines already donated March 2017)
Introduce new profitable woodwork lines  (In progress  100 wooden trays made with the help of 4 volunteers  March 2017)
Assess and repair existing woodwork machinery and purchase new where required. (In progress)
Introduce laser cutting/engraving line to manufacture fancy wooden/plastic/leather articles for sale. The line will be assisted by two able persons from the W4aL programme.( Funding for this machine is being sought )
Establish new name and logo for the shelter (To be done)
Establish new marketing and advertising outlets using social media and websites.  (To be done)
Establish market outlets outside of Graaff-Reinet, using identified “champions” in other cities.  (In progress)

A commitment to a donation of £10  or $12.50  per month would fund the current shortfall for 1 person.
Donate the purchase cost (or part thereof) of an industrial type sewing machine.  Cost:  £250  or $310
Donate the purchase cost (or part thereof) of a laser cutting machine.   Cost £4,000  or £5,000  
A donation of any form would be appreciated sent too Send to

Zorb Caryer   caryer@isat.co.za   or (27)713516875       Transfer Acc.    PayPal.Me/Caryer
Quinton Caryer   quintoncaryer@gmail.com   or (44)7787496767
Richard Bremner   karoocommunitychurch@telkomsa.net  or (27)837787639 

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